Samond Classes Library



The library comes with documentation in Apple DocSet format, which provides access to it from Xcode or by using the browser. Documents prepared by using the Doxygen tool.

Additional, we provide access to online-version of the documentation for the current and previous versions of library.

Please note that the release version of documentation may different from the trunk (current) source code version.

Documentation for current versions:

  1. 1.2.5-RELEASE documentation

  2. 1.2.6-STABLE build 205 documentation

Documentation for previous releases:

  1. 1.2.4-RELEASE documentation

  2. 1.2.3-RELEASE documentation

  3. 1.2.2-RELEASE documentation

  4. 1.2.1-RELEASE documentation

  5. 1.2.0-RELEASE documentation

  6. 1.1.6-RELEASE documentation

We do not give the possibility to download HTML-version of the documentation and do not plan to introduce such as possibility in the future, because the version can be obtained by simply copying the contents of the DocSet package in Finder.