Samond Classes Library


What’s New


  1. limited support of the GNUstep added

  2. test cases for capability checking added

  3. data type SCUSize was renamed SCSize

  4. some categories was renamed

  5. category NSAlert(SCAlert) reimplemented

  6. category NSButton(SCButton) reimplemented

  7. add the category NSData(SCData)

  8. the service class SCDescription is created


  1. full optimization of the source code of the library has been performed

  2. library documentation is available in Russian and English

  3. old macOS and iOS support was removed

  4. section «Programming Guide» was added into the documentation

  5. support of ordered sets was added

  6. null stream class SCNullStream created

  7. collections capacity limits was removed

  8. section «Library error messages» was added into the documentation

  9. unique strings list class SCUniqueStrings was added

  10. some classes was removed:

  11. SCLog

  12. SCNetObject

  13. SCSubnetMask

  14. SCIPAddress

  15. SCSubnet

  16. some exceptions was removed:

  17. SCNotFoundException

  18. SCReadOnlyException

  19. SCNotSupportedException

  20. SCNetException